Birds eye view

A little late posting, but last weekend my husband captured this aerial footage from the trail that I frequently run on. I’ve seen the views from below while running but this birds eye view puts a whole new perspective on how beautiful this trail actually is! 


5 thoughts on “Birds eye view

      1. Beautiful. Had x country regionals Saturday. Had 1st and 4th in girls and 1 and 3rd in boys. Boy’s team will be going to State Saturday girls team didn’t make it so just the 2 girls going.
        So out of the 9 going 6 participated in the 3 days a week summer running program.
        OH you will like this x country coach who is 23 ran his first 50 mile race last week. Shattered the Kansas record ran it in 6 hours 40 mins, 8:12 pace. What was more impressive is it was on a certified course but it was only a .8 mile loop so he ran like 60 loops.

      2. Good luck to the x-country kids at State. That’s exciting.
        Very Impressive coach!! 8:12 pace in a 50 miler?! That is haulin’!!
        Have a great week! Weather is supposed to be nice the rest of the week here with the exception of chance of rain Weds evening .

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