The Need for Speed

It’s been about a month since my last race, in which I DNF’d due to a rolled ankle. Since then, I have been taking it easy on the running…a few miles a week here and there.  I have had time to think about what I might tackle next and I have decided I would maybe shoot for a Fall marathon. Since I’ve turned my marathon days in for Ultra running days a couple of years ago, I haven’t really had the need to run fast. For Ultras, you just run slow for a really long time. (Or at least I do). It’s been 6 years since I’ve run Boston and I can’t help but want that feeling of being fast again. Today I thought I’d test my legs out and see if I could keep my pace under 9 minute miles. (Having consistently trained for an Ultra the past 5 months, my previous pace was pretty slow.) I completely surprised myself on tonight’s run. I ran 5 miles in an 8:40 avg pace, on hills even! My splits were, 8:41, 9:10, 8:15, 9:06, 8:11. You can tell which miles were the hilly ones. 😊 If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions on training plans or speed drills, I would be open for suggestions. I’m familiar with Yasso’s 800’s, Fartlek’s, mile repeats, etc. Also, what would be a reasonable goal time to set for an October marathon after just coming off of an Ultra? Would it be impossible to try to shoot for a 3:45 marathon goal or less?


11 thoughts on “The Need for Speed

  1. First there is no doubt in my mind why you couldn’t run a 9 minute mile pace and finish in 3:45.
    I ran(pun) into the same thing when I was training for the 50 miler 2 years ago, I lost what speed I had. It takes a whole different game plan between 5K,10K,half and full from an ultra.

    One thing I have learned from the x-country coaches this summer is how important 5 to 10 minute stretches before and after a run. Plus they are running one long run a week and the rest of the runs are speed drills.

    If you can read the Runners World July issue it has a great story on 16 week marathon plan.
    They suggest two 5 mile runs a week, a long run and a day of hills, and repeats ranging from 400m to mile repeats.

    I am a firm believer in Jeff Galloway run/walk method. He suggests for a 10 min miler to run 90 seconds and walk 30 seconds. You could tweak that ratio down for 9 min. pace.

    I sure hope they are right about this weekend, highs in upper 70’s but could be wet.


    1. Thanks, Ron! I will have to check out that Jeff Galloway method. Sounds like it works. Thanks for the tips on that. Any plans for the 4th? My husband and Step-son and I are heading to Dubuque for the weekend. He’s from there and we go stay with his parents every year during the 4th. Yes, hopefully the weekend will be good weather wise. Have a good one!

      1. Well it looks like rain here for two days. Hopefully not cooped up inside. At least rain may stay south of you. We are volunteering on the 4th to hand out packets at 4 mile run in KC at 545am.

        A friend of ours who is 17 has been swimming in the Olympics trials in Omaha this week. Watched him on NBC last night. They switched to Track trials and I watched Galen Rupp win the 10,000 meter race(6 miles) they said he runs 20 miles a day 140 miles a week in training. Crazy. At Rio he will run 10,000 meter race then 8 days later the marathon.

        Have a safe and fun 4th with family.

      2. Crazy about the 17 year old swimmer. Very cool. My step son is a swimmer. We watched last night. It’s fun watching the trials. I missed seeing the 10,000 meters that’s sweet that Galen Rupp won. I watched him when he did the marathon. He’s fast! Have a safe and fun 4th!! Have fun volunteering

      3. Google search Michael Andrew he’s a great kid, we go to church with him and his family, turned pro a few years back with Adidas.
        We just tried the 90/30 run. Susan knocked off a minute a mile on 3 mile run with 94% humidity. One of her best runs this year. I might have to try it one of these days by myself.

  2. How has your week of running/cross training gone? We took 9 to Topeka today to Sunflower Games 5K, had 8 medal which was GREAT!! Summer practice is paying off.
    In 2 weeks have a 5K cross country race. They all want us both to run it. We are debating as we have never really ran much on grass and trails other then Prairie Spirit trail.

    When is the marathon this fall?
    Been so hot here all week plus some middle of the night storms that makes it so muggy during the day. Running is mainly 530am or wait till 815 pm and finish in the dark.

  3. Great job with the cross country team! Sounds like you’ve got some great runners! Training has been going pretty good so far. It’s been pretty hot and muggy here lately too. Gwen waiting to go around 8:30 as well. We are leaving for Canada in a little over 2 weeks. We are going to Ontario with some friends and staying in a cabin. I’m hoping to find some running trails. The marathon this Fall is Oct 16th. I haven’t signed up yet but I will eventually.
    Have a great week and stay cool!

    1. OH CANADA (pun) is beautiful. We went to Thunder Bay a few years ago and to Ft. William where they had a lot of re-enactors from the 1700’s. It should be cooler then here. I’m sure you can find some good trails.
      I guess we are going to run the 5k x-country on the 23rd. I’m sure we will be the oldest runners. So eating healthy and exercising helps in out living your competition. We have a park on the trail that has a lot of rolling grassy small hills so have been running them.
      Let us know where the marathon is at.
      Stay cool this week and DRINK!!

      1. How’s your week of running going? It’s been raining here a lot. Suppose to be pretty hot and humid the next few days now. Did some speedwork tonight that I haven’t done in a long time. Felt great to run “fast” for a bit. 😊 good luck this weekend at your race! Hopefully won’t be too hot for ya.

      2. HOT and dry here, no rain but humidity running 75%, and right now 79 deg. Saying 100 next 3 days. I did 3 x 1200 meters yesterday and I was soaked. Last night we helped time runners in running club. They did 4x 400s at 5K pace with 30 second rest in between and then they did 6 200’s and 400’s back to back. Learning a lot.
        x-country race is Saturday 8am taking 6 runners plus 2 coaches and the 2 of us.
        Don’t overdo it in this heat, maybe x-training for you on bike. Plus DRINK DRINK DRINK!!

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