Do Not Freight…is what I keep telling myself.  Did Not Finish, is the case of this story, unfortunately.

What started out as a beautiful and perfect morning for a 100K run at the Booneville Backroads Ultra, turned sour about 34 miles later.

I was pacing well, had a strategy and was sticking to it, nutrition was great, the course was so beautiful with gorgeous Iowa countryside.  All felt well until around mile 34 where I rolled my ankle on a level B road.

Unfortunately, two parts of the race were run on these level B roads. If you’re not from the Midwest and are unsure what a level B road is, it is a low maintenance- enter at your own risk, type of road.  A dirt path, so to speak.  And with the heavy amount of rain that we received in the last week, unfortunately the “dirt path” was more of a mud swamp.

The first B road I trudged my way through and about lost my shoes. The mud was so thick it was sucking your shoes off with every step. There was nowhere that you could step that wasn’t a muddy mess. I made it through the first B road ok.  I got to the 2nd B road a few miles later and it started down pouring raining on me…for a good 10 minutes straight it just poured. I was soaked!  I slipped in the mud and tried stopping myself from falling, when my ankle turned out on me. After that, I made it another 4 miles but my ankle kept bothering me. I ran/walked to mile 38 before deciding I wasn’t going to be able to finish the race.  I was so disappointed. I called my husband bawling and he drove to pick me up. My very first (and hopefully ONLY) DNF.  I was determined to not let it ruin my weekend, however, I can’t help but replay it over in my head.  My ankle is feeling fine. No sprain, just a little sore from where it turned out. I’m lucky, as it could have been a lot worse.

I hope to return to Booneville next year and attemp the 100K again and claim the #boonevillebadass title. Even though I didn’t finish the 100K, I will gladly claim the 50K plus 7 miles of the monster course. Below is an indication of its #badassery! 😀. Now for some R&R for the next few days before deciding on which race I’d like to tackle next. Recommendations are welcome! 😁


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