Gettin’ 100k ready

Getting close to race day, 2 days now, and getting a little antsy. I made a makeshift poncho for when I get rained on. (Saturday calls for 80% chance of rain/storms high of 77). Praying the weather will clear out before then but if I doesn’t, at least I have a makeshift poncho. 😄


39 thoughts on “Gettin’ 100k ready

  1. cute poncho. was studying the stops a 13 and a 12 mile stretch make sure you have enough food to get you thru those stretches. 2 or 3 pairs of shoes and socks in case it does rain(maybe they are wrong on rain) If hubby can check radar before you get to the next stop maybe no need in running with poncho. It surely won’t rain 12 hours. Oh and a couple of ball caps too. OK you probably know all of this. I will check weather tomorrow night.
    Most important have fun and it’s one step at a time.

  2. Good morning, your day is here. Prayers have begun. Have fun looks wet to start but not all of race.

    1. Well, I DNF’d 😓. I rolled my ankle on a B level road at mile 34 and hobbled my way to mile 38. Couldn’t take it anymore. Pretty upsetting but it happens. Hardest race by far though. Thank you for your thoughts and encouragement .

      1. That’s to you have a plan for the next ultra? Was everything going well up to mile 34? If so you learned some good tips. Hey you went 16 miles farther then when I hurt my knee in ultra.
        Grandson finished 9th out of 16 in 800 had pr but competition stiff
        in 4×800 he is anchor and team was last he got them to 14th
        prayin for ankle and wisdom on what to run next

      2. How’s the ankle doing?So how was the run before the injury? Was you on the pace you wanted? You can even learn from Dnf
        grandson finished 9th of 16 in 800 plus a PR. The competition was top notch. He is anchor in 4 x 800 they were 16 when he got baton and ended up 14.
        praying for injury plus wisdom on what your next race should be. Heal up

      3. tried sending this twice before how’s the ankle? How was the 34 miles going before the rock? Was the pace right plus the amount of food and drink intake? You can always learn something from a DNF,
        Grandson finished 9 of 16 in class 3A had a PR but competition was tough. He was anchor in 4 x 800 and got the baton in 16thth but moved team up to 14th.
        Praying for quick healing and wisdom on what race and when to do the next one.
        Hang in there and don’t overdo it.
        Plus my only dnf was 18 miles so you made it farther then I did.

      4. Hi there. Yes, pace and nutrition were pretty spot on. At one point I was in 2nd place female. Felt pretty good up until ankle rolled. If it would’ve happened later in the race, I probably could’ve powered thru the pain and just walked to finish but it was at 34 and I still had quite a ways to go. Ankle is feeling ok today. Mostly just sore from where it turned out. I am thinking of signing up for the Hawk Hundred in Lawrence, KS. I will probably do the 50 miler though not the 100 miler. Would love another attempt at a 100k though. I know I can do it.
        Awesome job to your Grandson!! What an outstanding effort! 9 out of 16 is pretty darn good. Hope all is well with you. How’s the shoulder?

  3. Yes you could do a 100K you just have to find the right one at the right time. Sounds like everything was going great. Did you have to run much in the rain?
    If you decide to run the Hawk let us know as we would love to help you during the run.
    Collar bone is much better thanks for asking. Still sore at times and have to make sure I don’t lift much with right arm. Hopefully after the 25th of June can start running again. At least I can sleep now more then 3 hours at a stretch.
    How’s the ankle? Keep in race shape.

    1. For most of the race, it was partly cloudy, however, I did get down poured on for a good 10 minutes. Had to changes shoes and socks so I wouldn’t blister. I was happy to have packed extra shoes and socks. The ankle is doing fine. Just a little sore but I am able to walk with no problems. I’ve been walking the last couple of days. Did a 2 mile walk both yesterday and today just to loosen the legs and quads up a bit. I am eager to start running again but I think I will give it a few more days rest before doing so.
      Yes, I will definitely let you know if I decide to do the Hawk50.
      Glad to hear your collarbone is healing. I’ll bet you’re anxious to get back at it too. Do you have any races you are looking to do? Do you have any ultras that you would recommend?

    1. There used to be a Prairie Spirit Fall Classic 50 and 100 miler in Ottawa, but not sure if they do that anymore since now under different race director. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. You Are An Athlete

    No matter what your current fitness level, you are an athlete.

    If you move, you’re an athlete.

    If you try, you’re an athlete.

    If you think you’re an athlete, you are one.

    “If you have a body, you are an athlete.” – Bill Bowerman, co-founder of Nike

    1. Have you ever done the Hawk Hundred? I’m trying decide between the Hawk 50 miler in Sept in Lawrence or the Prairie Spirit Fall Classic 50 mile. I’ve done PS before but only in the Spring. Thoughts or suggestions? If I had it my way I’d do both by husband wouldn’t let me. 😉

      How’s the clavicle feeling? Get to run soon?

      1. Have my next and final (I hope) x-ray the 24th then maybe I can start running that evening. Been walking 70 minutes a day and so far at same weight I was the night I tripped. Collarbone a little sore but not bad.
        Never ran the Hawk but one thing about Lawrence is there are no flat blocks in town, hills everywhere.
        Studied the web-site and it’s a “tough technical trail course.”
        So we know PS is mostly flat and not challenging at all except the stretch from Richmond to Garnett.
        So the question is do you want a challenge and technical with the Hawk or do you want something you have already done plus much easier.
        That is my observation.
        It’s HOT here 90’s the rest of week.
        Hope this helps.

      2. Hope the x-rays turn out good and that you are able to get back into your routine. That’s great that you’ve still been able to walk- great job!
        Well, if I were to do PS, I would want to try to PR on it, and because I know the course and I know that is flat. Been wanting to break 9 hours. Would love to start incorporating some speed work once a week. But yes, I am definitely up for a challenge. Booneville was quite the challenge! Many many hills.
        Yes, 90’s here too! Stay cool my friend.

      3. Hi Ron, hope your week is going well. Think you’ll be back to running by the end of next week? Well, I’ve got 2 races narrowed down for now. I’m trying to decide between The Hawk in Lawrence or The Hennepin 50 in Sterling, IL. Have you run either or know of anyone that has?

      4. Good morning, one week from Friday I get my last x-ray and praying he releases me to run. I am helping running club for 4th grade thru 12th grade on Monday mornings and Thursdays from 8am-930am to get them in shape for x country. Rode bike Monday 80 minutes on country road and hills with no problem.

        Did a comparison on the two runs. Will you be doing the 100 miler? Hawk is trail meaning hills, technical a real challenge especially at night. The Illinois one looks much like PS trail run. Flat and a possible fast time. The word trail is deceiving thinking the Hawk would be up and down twisting and turning. So what can your body do is the question.

        Today Susan goes hopefully for her last scope procedure on her stomach at 1pm.
        5 months of soft diet is getting old.
        Stay cool maybe 100 here next 2 days.

      5. Praying for you for your final X-ray. Sounds like you’ve been keeping busy. Nice job on the bike!
        Will also keep your wife in my prayers. 5 months of a soft food diet is a loooong time. And boring food options I’m sure.
        For the Hennepin and both the Hawk, I would run the 50 miler. Not prepared for a 100 miler by any means. Yes, one is completely flat and easy while the other is hilly and rocky. Will try to make my decision soon.

      6. Thanks, Susan is much better and can start gradually putting real food in her diet. There was some obstruction but Dr ballooned in out and said if feeling bad in 4 months he can recheck it.

        Yes decision soon on which race would be good. I have some thoughts but I don’t want to weigh your decision.

        We have been doing races on vacation lately. We may do rim to rim Royal Gorge in October. Only a 5k.

        8am x country practice mainly speed work, 30 min easy run and some hit and strength exercises.
        Stay cool

      7. Would love to hear your thoughts on the races. I was leaning towards The Hawk just because it would be a challenge but I am open ears.
        Races on vacation is a great idea and would be w fun way to see new trails and places.
        X-country variety looking great! Can I come join the workouts? Lol!
        I need to incorporate hiit more.

  5. It is soooo HOT!! Not even summer yet. The other day thought I found you a good 75 mile run to do. Thinking it starts in Nebraska and ended in Iowa. Well after reading about it figured out it is a relay run which would be fun. Looks like you can have 5 runners so you do a 5 mile leg three times.

    Whatever run you choose between the two will be the right one.
    Stay COOL!

  6. On the trail again can’t wait to get back on the trail again. X-ray showed bone is growing back and I can go back to running and lifting weights. Just not to lift much for another week or two.
    So will go to high school track tonight and run easy 2 miles. Then run early in the morning before the heat sets in.

    Have you made a decision on the next run yet?
    Enjoy your weekend.

    1. Awesome news!! Enjoy your runs but don’t over do it. We are on a MS Bike ride today. 50 miles. We are at a break right now. 12 miles from the finish. Hope you have a great weekend!

      1. I hope you finished the bike ride before it got to hot. Have ridden to Garnett and back on PS trail before plus Jaycee’s use to have bike ride on 4th and did a 50 miler around the countryside here.
        Ran 2 miles Friday night easy then yesterday did 3 x 1 mile intervals. One minute a mile slower then 2 months ago but did each one 10 seconds faster which is what I wanted. Looks like somewhat cooler week ahead.
        Have you made a race decision yet?
        Stay cool train smart.

      2. Sounds fun! The ride was real flat, similar to PS trail. It was real hot but it was windy, which helped the heat but riding on the way back was tough, which was all into the wind.
        Great job on the 2 mile and interval runs. You’ll get your speed back soon. Won’t take long.
        As far as the race, Brent and I had a long discussion and we have decided that we would try to have a baby. We have been married for 4 years now and we have been putting it off for a long time. Although I would love to continue racing, I may have to put it off for a bit. We have talked about at least me training for a Fall marathon that’s here in Des Moines, because it’s not guaranteed that I would get pregnant right away anyway. So I have decided that I would at least train for that and if I became pregnant then I obviously would stop training. Although I have seen pregnant women run marathons before so who’s to say I wouldn’t be able to if it were to happen? 🙂
        Anyway, glad to hear you are back at it! Do you have any races you are thinking of doing?

      3. Congratulations early, now twins would be nice, a boy and a girl. You are in great shape so you will be able to run again in no time. X-country coach is to have her 3rd girl this week. Thursday she was leading runners in both pre and post run stretches.

        Have a 5K in August and we are going to do the Royal Gorge run Oct.1st. My clock is ticking fast so not sure if I can add to my 5 marathons. Will have to see if I can any speed back.

        Marathon for you in Des Moines should be no problem.
        Praying for you guys.

      4. Thanks, Ron! We are hoping all goes well. But in the meantime I will train for the Fall marathon.
        That 5k race sounds fun. Will you wife run that with you? How is she doing?
        Have a good week.

  7. I think you need to start a new thread this one is getting long.
    It was a nice morning at practice, some fog and 70 degs. Kids ran for 60 minutes. At least I’m getting some good training ideas out of this.

    Susan can gradually start eating real food again. Yes she will run in Co. She usually wins her age division.

    Looks like a great running week highs low to mid 80’s and low in the 60’s. Now if it would just rain.
    Have a GREAT week too.

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