Just do it.

Happy to be a guinea pig as my husband works on his “panning” technique with his camera. How’d he do?

Getting closer to race day and I’m pretty excited. This will be my first 100K. A little hiccup in my training in January/ February had set me back a bit, but I’m hoping that the rest of my training I put in was enough. Trying to stay positive. Not going for time on this race just going to finish and have fun. T minus 20 days! Wish me luck! 😬


6 thoughts on “Just do it.

      1. x-ray shows healing started, go back in 1 month for another x-ray. no running till then so will walk a lot. Did lose 1 lb since the break. Dr seems to think no more visits after next x-ray.
        Have the web-site of run so will check it out from time to time.
        So many storms down here hope it’s dry and 65 up there during the run.
        Have fun make sure you start walking, drinking and eating from mile 1. If this was any other weekend we would be there to cheer and help you along.
        prayers and hugs

      2. Good to hear it’s healing on its own. Hopefully will continue to get better and you can fully recover. How did the state track meet go?
        Weather calls for 80% chance of rain and storms on Sat with high of 77. Blah! I have a makeshift poncho and I just bought a pair of gaitors that will hopefully keep my feet dry. Will fill you in on how it goes. Crossing my fingers it goes well. This is a very very hilly course.

  1. Kansas is the only state that holds all classes in one place. Tomorrow is mainly 6A,5A and 4A So Grandson is 3A school and runs 4×800 11am Saturday and the 800 530 Saturday evening.
    77 deg not bad, praying for some dry spells.
    Will be praying all day and we are with you.

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