Fall Back

What a beautiful weekend for running! 45 degrees yesterday and 43 today. This was a “fall back” weekend of running for me so only 10 miles yesterday and 6 today. Next weekend, a pair of 16’s. I was so close to wearing shorts for my run yesterday but I didn’t want to get some funny looks. So instead, I opted for capri running tights. Still, capris in January is pretty awesome.

My husband sent me this article, “The Reason People Run Ridiculous Distances Has Little to Do With Physical Fitness.”  (see below). Great article and worth the read.





2 thoughts on “Fall Back

  1. The winter has been great, but looks like a change coming today and tomorrow. I pretty much wear shorts when it’s above 45.
    A couple of other web sites that I get newsletters from are
    popsugar and active.com

    I have ordered several pairs of shoes from active.com when they are ridiculously cheap but you have to be fast before they run out of your size.
    Both sites have great stories on running, nutrition and fitness.

    Keep on running!!

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