Shake it Up

My Saturday and Sunday long runs, this past weekend, consisted of two 15 milers. I was growing tired of the same old route and wanted to shake things up a bit. Instead of running 15 straight miles, I ran 5 miles at each of my 3 favorite running trails. I had never broken up my run like that before, but I must say I really enjoyed the change of pace. The 5 to 7 minute break that I got from the drive to each of the different trails, allowed me to sip on some water in between without having to carry my water bottle, which was also a nice change. The crazy part is, my last 5 miles on the last trail, I ran faster than the first set of 5 miles on the first trail. Anyway, was nice to shake things up a bit, if only for a weekend.



10 thoughts on “Shake it Up

  1. A clever concept I’ve never heard of. Doable here as now besides the trail you ran to Garnett and back on we now have 2 other trails as well. Thanks for the idea. Do you have any tune-up races scheduled before May?
    You are doing GREAT!!

    1. Thanks, Ron! Decided to just try it that way for the weekend. I’ll stick to the long runs straight thru going forward. Was a fun experiment nonetheless. 😀 I’m running my 3rd 50 miler on April 8 and that will prep me for my first 100 at the end of May. How’s training going for you? These winter months can be brutal.

      1. We had 2″ of snow last week and that’s all the snow we’ve had. I don’t mind the snow it’s the cold and wind that’s brutal at times. This Saturday Special Olympics 5K strut and plunge. No plunging here just running. We lucked out as low Friday night should be 38 and hopefully 45 at gun time. Then March 6th Lymphoma 5K in OKC. After that I’m upping my runs to 8 miles and check out how the knee holds up.

      2. Thanks, Jane! You could definitely do an Ultra. Just a bit more training at a slower pace is all. I said I would only do 1 but it’s very addicting. Lol. Have a great day!

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