A Runners Poem

When I was young, I used to love reading poetry. Writing them, too. I’m sitting in the den tonight enjoying a cold Pale Ale, and I couldn’t help but recapture the weekend of a bitterly cold Saturday long run, and a Sunday morning treadmill run. Regardless, these poetic words came to me and I wanted to share. This, in a small way, is how much I Love to run!


My mind is set, I’m out the door,

Lace up my shoes, ready for more.


Set my watch, GPS ready,

Running down the road, ever so steady.


Long stride, short stride, fast or slow,

It doesn’t really matter as long as I go.


Wind flows free through my ponytailed hair,

sweat dripping down but I don’t even care.


Sleet, snow, wind or rain,

I’m out their running just the same.


Whether or not I’m training for a race,

Running will always be my happy place.


2 thoughts on “A Runners Poem

  1. As I lay here in my WARM cozy bed

    My long slow training run I dread

    Oh how it seems that I whine whine whine

    But it will be well worth it in 6 weeks when I cross that finish line

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