Back at it Again- Journey to 100 miles

After much thought and motivation, I have decided I would train and prep for my first 100 miler.  Annnnnd training began this week- yikes!  I am excited and nervous at the same time.  I am excited for the challenge, however, I am nervous for the unknown.  I’ve ran two 50 milers now so I know what it’s like for the first half of a hundred.  The second half will be a lot of will power, nutrition, and determination to finish the race.  In preparation, I will run one more 50 miler (April 2nd) as part of my training for the 100 miler (May 28th).  The journey starts now…here we go!  #ultramarathons #ultrarunning #running #training #determination #motivation #herewego #letsdothis #100miles