Trashion Fashion

It’s been about a month since I’ve blogged. Besides getting back into some speedwork with running, I really haven’t been up to much…except for a Trashion show. What is a Trashion show, you ask? Well, I was asked by one of my girlfriends who is a hair stylist, if I would volunteer to be a “model” in a trashion show put on by the Aveda Salon. The money that is raised for the trashion show is used to help provide clean water to countries that aren’t so fortunate to have. It is a great cause and the show had an excellent turn-out. Ok, so back to what Trashion actually is. The stylists at many salons that represent Aveda, make their own dress used from recycled or “trash” material. I had no idea going into this what to expect as I was just volunteering for a friend. Also, I’ve never had any modeling experience in my life, so I was going into this with an open mind. The two girls that made the dress worked at the salon that my friend works at. I showed up this morning for hair and make up, then downtown to a venue in Des Moines where the event is to be held. The girls did an amazing job on my hair and make up and an outstanding job on the dress! The dress was made up of burlap, dried dead flowers, broken glass glued to the burlap, and then a bunch of recycled material from several Aveda products, bags, magazines, etc. Although their dress was not chosen to win, they did and amazing job! The other dresses at the Trashion show were great too. Lots of talented young people out there. Either way, I had fun and I was honored to wear the dress and support their salon. image



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