A few photos from race day…



4 thoughts on “A few photos from race day…

  1. GREAT video, my wife is in it at the dinner Friday night and I’m in it marking you off when you made it to Richmond and Susan was in tent getting food ready for runners. We have helped Eric for 2 years in Ottawa and now I got the ULTRA bug and training for first 50 in March at the age of 65.
    We hope to see you and your hubby in March here in Ottawa.
    My goal is just to finish and have fun.
    See ya!

    1. Hi Ron! Sorry it’s taken so long to reply. I have been so lazy at blogging and getting on my blog site. That’s so great that you have volunteered for 2 years. I absolutely love the Prairie Spirit race. I just did my 2nd one this past Saturday, 3/28. I’m anxious to hear about your first ultra! How did it go? I will be posting another video here shortly. 🙂 Hope it was a great weekend for ya.

      1. Was my first DNF ever. Been nursing a sore knee since January so didn’t get in a lot of long runs. Ran a 1/2M in January and was getting better, then about 5 weeks ago worse again. Ran to Richmond and had to stop. About a mile from Princeton started getting back spasms and could barely walk plus was leaning to the right. My pace was great for 16 miles as was on my way to be around 11:45. Was running 5 minutes walking 2. Guess I need to stick with 1/2M’s and below.
        Thanks for asking.

      2. Sorry to hear about your knee. 😦 I know the feeling as I have had knee injuries in the past that have set me back as well. Have you always had knee pain or did it just come up in Jan? Hopefully you’ll get some relief soon. Maybe once it’s healed you could try again next year. Good luck to you!

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