I woke up somewhat early this morning, 6:45 (on a Saturday morning, that is early). My husband had to drive 2 hours to take my step son to an indoor swim meet. I knew it was my long run day so I figured I would check the weather to see what was in store. I really didn’t want to have to run a 14 miler on the treadmill so was hoping it wasn’t too cold. The forecast shows weather at 35 degrees. I was thrilled that it was that warm outside so I decided to get a jump start on my run. I layered up and headed out the door. At about an hour and a half into my run, I could feel the temperature drop and the wind pick up. Pretty soon I could feel my face getting numb. I knew I was almost done so I decided to stick through the coldness. When I finished and returned home, I was exhausted. The cold and wind took everything out of me. I checked the weather again and in the 2 hours I was out on my run, the temperature dropped from 35 degrees to 10 degrees. And the wind from 8 mph to 17 mph. Tomorrow I am scheduled for another 14 miles (my ultra marathon training has back to back long runs). The whole state of Iowa is now under a wind chill warning with wind chill temps as low as -60 degrees! Yikes! It’s the lowest our state has seen since 1996. Tomorrow, I will be running my 14 on the treadmill and spare any frost bitten limbs and/or hypothermia. Stay warm, my friends.


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