Icy trail.

We’ll, I’m into my 6th week of training now and as winter is in full swing, Mother Nature welcomed us with an ice storm covering all city sidewalks and trails with a thin layer of pure ice. I had cancelled my gym membership back in August because I had decided I would try to save a little money and do all of my runs outdoors. Boy I was sure regretting my decision to cancel after today…
My long run today consisted of a 13 miler (which felt more like a marathon after I finished). It was physically and mentally exhausting! Not only was it a terrible idea to run out on the icy trail anyway, but there were also many obstacles I had to overcome with this run; a fallen tree on the trail to name one.
In ’09 when I qualified for Boston, I trained through one of the harshest winters Iowa had seen in a few years. Having experienced that, I figured I could handle a little ice. I was wrong. The trail was so icy, not even my yak tracks could cut it. I ended up running along side in the grass which really wasn’t any better. Also, my pace was about 2 minutes slower per mile than what I normally run. But hey, in the end I ran 13 miles just as I needed to, even if it didn’t go as smoothly as I planned. It’s all about the journey and some days will be more challenging than others. Today was one of those days.


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